Eustache St Lot, former director of BMPAD in custody

Eustache St Lot, former director of BMPAD in custody

May 27, 2016, Eustache St Lot, former director of BMPAD kept in custody by the prosecutor of Port-au-Prince to face with the former minister Wilson Laleau.

Mr. Eustache Saint-Lot, the former General Manager of BMPAD (Monetization Office of Development Assistance Programmes), was held in custody along with his lawyer Patrick Maitre Lawrence by the Commissioner of Port-au-Prince Parquet, since Friday, May 27 till June 3, 2016. They were kept under an order of the Director of the Public Prosecution at a police station in the capital, awaiting the arrival of the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Wilson Laleau who is traveling abroad. However, they were released later on a bail of 100 million gourdes. Wilson Laleau spent five years in the Martelly administration as the Minister of Trade and Finance. He has been also summoned by the new Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince. Mr. Jean Danton Léger. As per opinion of the new Government Commissioner Léger, Mr. Eustache Saint-Lot and former Minister Wilson Laleau had given contradictory statements against each other in separate hearings in regard to the management of PetroCaribe fund amounting to $1.5 million. The Commissioner wants to question and hear these two men together in the same place and at the same time "to get the truth out of the bottom of the well."

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