Haiti Plastic Recycling - Ramase Lajan

Haiti Plastic Recycling - Ramase Lajan

Here is a picture of the Haitian plastics recycling project, Ramase Lajan programme

The Haitian phrase "Ramase Lajan" literally means 'picking up money'. No other name could be more apt to describe this new opportunity creating program. Collections of tons of used plastic items, jugs, bottles overflowing the dumpsters or clogging the canals, and over 1,500 tons of plastic goods imported to Haiti, every month, have been translated into unique job opportunities by the 'Ramase Lajan' program. Plastics are seen as money rather than garbage. The program has created many local collection centers with fully equipped self-contained recycling storefront that sort the plastic grade and type-wise and send the sorted materials to the Haiti Recycling company in the capital city. In the past four years the program has created 26 centers and over 1,600 jobs, and around 80 million bottles have been collected to date.

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