Haiti School Bus DIGNITE

Haiti School Bus DIGNITE

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On 27th January, 2015, the Haitian President Michel Martelly symbolically proceeded for the official presentation of 50 new school buses to the authorities of the ten departments of the country. This noble effort by the Martelly Government will provide free transport facilities to over 100,000 school children throughout the country. President Martelly welcomed Mr. George Mangonès, the Honorary Consul of South Korea, and requested to convey his thanks on behalf of his country to the South Korean people and its authority as their friendly gesture with a financial assistance of $5 million, has greatly supported this initiative. We may remember that even in 2013, 'Diginite' also added 50 new buses to its fleet through a donation of South Korea.

During the occasion, the Haitian President was accompanied by the Prime Minister, Mr. Evans Paul, the Ministers of Economy and Finance, Mr. Wilson Laleau, of National Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Nesmy Manigat, Communication, Mr. Rothchild François Junior and the Executive Director of the Company Dignité, Mr. Castro Arboîte. The Haitian President has expressed his vision to make Haiti a welfare state with sustainable development and he strongly believes that education is the surest path that can lead the country to such mission.

'Dignity', the Haitian school bus company was established in 1995; currently the company has a fleet over 300 school buses in 86 cities and provinces across Haiti. In the beginning, it used to carry students for a monthly fee; in 2011, President abolished the fee and made it free. In the fiscal years 2013-2014 and 2014-15, Dignité has received government subsidies of 292 million gourdes, per year, for meeting operation and staff expenses.

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