Haitian Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche and the Titanic Story

Haitian Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche and the Titanic Story

The connection between Titanic and Cincinnatus Leconte. Juliette Laroche who was a French young girl married a Haitian engineer Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche back in Villlejuif, a southern suburb of Paris, France.

With two children and one on the way, the family decided to move to Haiti. At the time, Cincinnatus Leconte who was the uncle of Joseph Laroches was President of Haiti.

It was reported that the family purchased traveling tickets boarded Titanic in Cherbourg. After realizing that the Titanic was sinking, the men made sure their wives and children made it onto a Lifeboat.

in 1912, after Titanic, these mothers also had to be survivors in every sense of the word and for as long as they lived.

Juliette Laroche and her children were treated in a New York Hospital and released. Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche, the only Black and Haitian onboard perished in 1912, after Titanic. He was also the nephew of President Cincinnatus Leconte.

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