Haiti's Prime Minister Designed, Ericq Pierre

Haiti's Prime Minister Designed, Ericq Pierre

Here is a picture of Haiti's Prime Minister Designed, Ericq Pierre.

Ericq Pierre is an agronomist who lives in Washington, DC and has served as an advisor on Haiti and Argentina in Inter-American Development Bank. He was twice unsuccessfully nominated as Prime Minister by President René Préval in 1997 (to succeed former Prime Minister Rosny Smarth) and 2008 (to succeed former Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis). On Monday, March 7, 2016, as per the released list of probable ministers by the National Palace, the name of Ericq Pierre has been chosen as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Haitians Living Abroad and Cults (MHAVE). This man of Rene Preval is sympathetic in appearance, but well known for his biasness. He might have the expertise to meet Haiti's economic and social challenges, but not overcome the political hurdles.

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