Immigration Operation against Haitians in the Bahamas

Immigration Operation against Haitians in the Bahamas

Here is a picture of an immigration officer in the Bahamas humiliating two young Haitian immigrants during an operation in the Bahamas in October, 2014. The Immigration department of the Bahamas is assisted by the police to conduct Immigration Operation against Haitian in the Bahamas. Children, included those who were born in the Bahamas are rounded up and put in a bus to a detention center.

Are the Bahamas targeting Haitians for Deportation?

The Bahamas are becoming paranoid about a huge influx of illegal migrants from Haiti and have stiffened its immigration regulations.

Frederick Mitchell, Bahamian Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister, says the overwhelming number of illegal aliens from Haiti threatens ". . . Bahamas national security . . . national identity . . . and . . . social stability."

Haitian-American anthropologist Bertin Louis says the Bahamas "has historically promoted a xenophobic policy toward Haitians in particular."

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