Harmonik And Nickensome Prud'Home

Harmonik And Nickensome Prud'Home

Many people have criticized the former Zenglen band player Nickenson Prud homme for suddently leaving the band to for his own Harmonik. Do you think this was a good decision from his part?

As far as I am concerned. I woud not call the move by Nickenson Prud homme to leave Zengle, a group that was doing very well at the time to take the rist of creating a new band such as Harmonik a good thing.

I think if Prud'Home remained with Zenglin, it would have been more positive for the Haitian Kompa music. This is something that we see often. Once a band member thinks he is good, the first thing that comes to mind is to leave his band an to creta his own.

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