Camp-Perrin Residents and Celebrities

Camp-Perrin Residents and Celebrities

Camp-Perrin has had an impressive roster of residents living in its three districts, apart from its Mayor, Indry Vital, who has to live there, regardless of it being 163 km away from the nation's capital. This list includes, the noted Port-au-Prince linguist, Guillaume Remixon, Jude Perrin, the Judiciary Department's former Central Police Director, Congresswoman, Ogline Pierre, Eric Thomas, Haitian Music band's project manager, Freres Thomas, Night Club CEO, Venel Ramarais, the CEO of PAP located Radio Solidarité, Radio-Tele La Brise CEO and electrical engineer, Max Alain Louis and Valery Numa, anchor for Vision 2000, journalist and CEO of Le Recul Hotel & Restaurant and Radio Platinum.

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