Hector Hyppolite Painting

Hector Hyppolite Painting

Painting from Hector Hyppolite

So prolific was the work of the Haitian painter Hector Hyppolite, he was awarded with his own year (2008-2009) by the Government of Haiti. Born in Saint-Marc in 1894, Hyppolite spent his early adult years as a house painter and shoe maker. His love of art soon had him venturing, untrained, into the world of fine art painting. Known today as the foremost Haitian painter, and a master of "naïve" art, it is no wonder he is so held as a national treasure.

The government in 2008 issued the decree that between June that year and June 2009 would be Hector Hyppolite Year, to commemorate his great influence on the world of art.

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