Hospital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche

Hospital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche

How Hospital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche was created. While traveling to Haiti in 2003 as a part of a medical team, Ms. Nadene Brunk of Richmond, Virginia Area (who specializes in midwifery and currently the Executive Director at Midwives for Haiti) witnessed the lack of resources and skilled professionals to assist pregnant women. She was shocked and to provide a permanent solution, she formed a small team of medical professionals, volunteer midwives and returned to Haiti. Later on, at the request of a Haitian community leader, with nine students, she opened a nurse training program in Hinche. After a long hard work and overcoming many challenges, their effort "Midwife for Haiti" got recognized as a nonprofit organization in 2006. Today, although Hospital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche still looks worn, it is clean, adequately equipped and staffed with 16 skilled graduate birth attendants, medication shortage are no more regular incidence. In 2013, they have attended over 2,100 births.

Departement Centre, Centre, Cange, Hinche, Mirebalais:
Zanmi Lasante, Hospital in Cange
Hospital Universitaire de Mirebalais, Mirebalais

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