How to make Haitian Accra

How to make Haitian Accra

The Haitian Accra is an an appetizer. It is often served at parties along side with Griot (fried pork) or fried beef. It is also accompanied with fried plantains and the famous haitian pikliz.

Here is what you would need in order to make a Haitian Accra: Malanga root, Green Pepper, chopped, Green onion, Garlic cloves, Small bunch of Parsley, Hot peppers, chicken bouillon cubes, Salt, Hot sauce and Vegetable oil for frying

You mix all the ingredients, except oil, in a large bowl. Let batter rest for several hours. Then, pour the batter by spoonfuls into a pan of heated oil. Fry the Acra on med high heat until golden brown on both sides.

There are other recipe variations for the Haitian Accra as part of Haitian "fritaille" like adding black-eyed peas, flour and egg.

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