Institute Monfort school for the deaf and blind in Haiti

Institute Monfort school for the deaf and blind in Haiti

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Institut Montfort School for the deaf and deaf-blind children in Haiti was founded in 1957 by the Daughters of Wisdom. It is the first school in Haiti specializing in educating children who are deaf and deaf-blind. The institute is comprised of three schools located in three areas: Santo, Croix des Bouquets (the largest), St. Marc and the third in Lavaud. The school started with a class of seven children now boasts more than 650 students. Many of them reside in the school dormitories because they live too far to travel every day, or they come from families with minimal or no resources. The campus in Port-au-Prince was completely destroyed by the 2010 earthquake, but was rebuilt to a larger and more modern form in Santo, Croix Des Bouquets by World Community. In addition to providing basic education, the institute gives lessons in sports and fine arts, runs a gift shop which sells items made by the children at reasonable prices. The institute operates under the support of a non-profit organization, Friends of Montfort, Inc. whose mission is to provide: encouragement and financial support to deaf and deaf-blind children; scholarships for college-bound deaf high school seniors and facilitate open-heart surgery for needy Haitian children.

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