Newly renovated Ciné TRIOMPHE vandalized by Anti Martelly protesters

Newly renovated Ciné TRIOMPHE vandalized by Anti Martelly protesters

Here is a picture of the newly renovated Ciné TRIOMPHE. During a protest against the government of Michel Martelly the protesters took their frustrations on the new movie theater by vandalizing it. Many glass windows were broken by rock throwers

The rehabilitation and modernization of the "Triumph" (earlier it was called Ciné Théâtre Triomphe ), in a construction of seismic building built, began in December 2012 with a cost of around US$7 million and it was first scheduled to reopen on February 2014. However, after a series of rescheduling, the work of renovation was completed and was awaiting for inauguration in December 2014. For several years there was no proper theater in Haiti. The renovated 'Triumph' includes three areas, two movie theaters and a place reserved for conferences. Its first room has a capacity of 450 seats and a scene that can support 50 performers at a time. The second room can accommodate 306 people. Both of them have been equipped with state of the art audio and video equipments. The theater also houses well furnished, all-inclusive dressing rooms. However, on December 18, while the renovated movie house was awaiting the official inauguration, some Aristide vandals came and smashed the place into an unusable state. This is an exhibit of Aristide's power politics and Lavalas welfare philosophy for people of Haiti!

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