Jean-Jacques Dessalines murdered October 17, 1806

Jean-Jacques Dessalines murdered October 17, 1806

Here is a picture In Pont Rouge, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was murdered there on October 17, 1806.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines (born 20 September 1758), the first ruler of independent Haiti under the 1801 constitution, was the leader of Haitian revolution who freed the country from French colonists. He served as an officer in the French Army when they were fighting against the British and Spanish attacks. Later, he became a commander under Toussaint Louverture, in the French army. However, after a betrayal in 1802, Toussaint Louverture was captured. Dessalines at first submitted to the new regime without Louverture, however, in 1803, when Napoleon declared his intention to reintroduce slavery abolished by the 1794 convention, Dessalines and other black and mulatto leaders rose in rebellion and he became the leader of the revolution.

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