Jocelerme Privert is the Senator of the Nippes Department

Jocelerme Privert is the Senator of the Nippes Department

Here is a picture of Jocelerme Privert, Senator of the Nippes Department.

Jocelerme Privert (born February 1, 1954), a native of Petit-Trou de Nippes, is one of the ten Senators in office since the Senate became defunct in January 2015. He is one of the most experienced persons in the Haitian political landscape who had assumed several esteemed portfolios like, the former Director General of Taxation, Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities, an interior minister under Aristide, State Secretary for Finance and an advisor of President Rene Preval. On January 14, 2016, he has been elected as the President of the Senate by defeating Youri Latortue from Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA). There are currently 24 sitting members of Haiti's 30-seat upper house. Privert (INITE) obtained 15 votes, there were seven abstentions and two Senators (Sen. Youri Latortue, an adviser to Martelly, who withdrew himself from the President of the Senate contest and another Senator) left the chambers before the vote. Privert has mentioned his prioritized areas of work as President. They are: a permanent Electoral Council, picking the next head of the PNH, a Constitutional Court, and board of the Central Bank.

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