Jean Bertrand Aristide and Raoul Cedras

Jean Bertrand Aristide and Raoul Cedras

Here is a picture of Former Haitian President with General Raoul Cedras.

Haitian military leader Joseph Raoul Cedras was born in Jeremie and American-educated. He rose to prominence as a soldier in the Leopard Corps, trained under U.S. forces. The U.S. and France, impressed by his leadership skills, selected him to head security in Haiti's 1990-1991 state and local elections. Jean-Bertrand Aristide won his bid for the presidency and chose Cedras as Commander-in-Chief of the Haitian army, Cedras also retaining the position of Lieutenant General.

Meanwhile the U.S. was threatening to invade Haiti unless they could persuade Jonassaint to leave office. Jonassaint complied. Cedras by this point was a nationally feared figure, responsible for the massacres of 3,000-plus men, women, and children while in power.

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