Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

Here is a picture of Voodoo Priest Joseph Fritzner Coma who was elected to become the new Ati Nationale.

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, the National Confederation of Haitian voodoo (KNVA) elected the hougan Fritzner Coma Joseph Augustin as the new Ati Nationale. Following the deaths of the first ATI Max Beauvoir on September 12, 2015 and his successor, Alcémat Zamor on 30 December 2015, the voodoo sector in Haiti was divided between two groups, Augustin Saint-Cloud and camp mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste-- both of them were aiming the throne. Joseph Fritzner Coma secured the highest office of voodoo by defeating two other contenders-- singer Carole Demesmin and Saint-Cloud. Saint-Cloud had held the coveted position during the interim period since the death of Zamor in a car accident. Joseph Coma won the poll by securing 23 out of 40 votes. During his speech, Mr. Coma has promised to bring some freshness to the voodoo practice and culture. He has also mentioned that during his 37 years of practicing voodoo, he had never harbored the dream of becoming an ATI. He will do his best to organize the institution of voodoo, to protect and defend all Haitians.

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