Khafra Kambon calls for Dominican product Boycott

Khafra Kambon calls for Dominican product Boycott

The former leader of the Black Power Movement and actual Chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee in Trinidad and Tobago Khafra Kambon calls for national boycott of products originating from the Dominican Republic over its decision to deport people of Haitian descent from their country

Chairman Kambon of Emancipation Support Committee demands Haiti issue a boycott against products from the Dominican Republic (DR). It is a response to the DR's policy that strips Haitian descendants of their citizenship.

Kombon says the new policy is based on racism: Dominicans are mainly light-skinned while Haitians are dark-skinned.

Kombon says "It is a crime . . . for us to do things to benefit the . . . Dominican Republic. They are disrespecting all of us."

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