Jozy Altidore and the Copa America Matches

Jozy Altidore and the Copa America Matches

Haiti has been qualified and included in the Group B at the Copa America. Haiti's first match of the tournament was with Peru on Saturday, June 4th. Peru earned a 1-0 win over Haiti in the Group B opener at Century Link Field. The other three teams in the Group B are Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. In the second match, on June 8th, Brazil defeated Haiti by 7-1. Haiti will meet Ecuador on June 12th.

In last January, Jozy Altidore (his parents are from Haiti), hosted an evening of celebration with legendary supermodel Adriana Lima and fashion icon Kenneth Cole in New York and that raised more than $165,000 for St. Luke. Wynn Walent, the Assistant National Director of the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti said, "Jozy's idea to show these matches resonated with us from the start. It is a great opportunity to bring people together and celebrate what is possible in Haiti. The St. Luke Foundation is grateful to partner with Jozy in this effort,"

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