Justinian University Hopital (JUH), Cap-Haitian

Justinian University Hopital (JUH), Cap-Haitian

L'Hôpital Universitaire Justinien is the main hospital in the second largest Haitian city Cap-Haitien. The hospital is named after a local magistrate Justinien Etienne who is credited for its foundation in 1890 as a hospice that was subsequently transformed into a hospital in 1920 during the occupation of the United States in Haiti. Today, it is a teaching hospital with 250 inpatient beds with training facilities for around 60 students in diverse disciplines such as family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, general surgery, urology, orthopedic surgery, anesthesiology and otolaryngology. The hospital has a pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services for both outpatients and inpatients. With some financial supports from state and private organizations, the hospital provides some level of free medical care in addition to its fee-based services.

Contact: Rue 17 Q, Cap Haïtien, Haiti. Tel: 2262-1205 / 1206/ 0512/ 2262-1495; Email: michachou2005@yahoo.f

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