Kiko Saint Remy, brother of First Lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly

Kiko Saint Remy, brother of First Lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly

Here is a picture of Kiko Saint Remy with his sister, First Lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly

Kiko Saint Remy, Brother of First Lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly

Sonson Lafamilia and his accomplice Renel Lecref, these two criminal leaders of the Galil gang jointly worth an unaccounted annual valuation of$44 million. They were involved in numerous cases of kidnapping, false imprisonment against claims of ransom, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, and criminal conspiracies. They were arrested and booked several times against serious culpable crimes, but released every time with highly questionable legal orders. Kiko Saint Remy, the brother of the First Lady Sophia Martelly is a known drug trafficker. He was once a business partner of Sonson La Familia alias Woodly Etheard aka SOS. They used to run a restaurant business named "La Souvenance" located at Morne Brun, in Petionville which used to supply food at the National Palace and other important government departments of the country.

Once, Clifford Brandt, an alleged kidnapper, the son of a prominent Haitian businessman and one among the 329 inmates who escaped from a Haitian prison (but was subsequently recaptured in August 2014), had revealed to the U.S investigators that 'Kiko Saint- Remy', the brother in law of Haitian President Michel Martelly is the second most important person in a kidnapping ring. By the end of the last year, when political pressure against Martelly was mounting, Kiko took part in an anti government protest on November 18, 2014, and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Kiko accused him on charges of masterminding political arrests, exploiting justice, neutralizing competitors, operators and activists. Kiko is one of President Martelly's closest clan and a man in his inner circle; he fights for Martelly's control of territory. Now, without Lamothe, President's Tet Kale Party (PHTK) will be able to use $44 million from the fund of a free man named 'Sonson La Familia' who had been released through an unlawful procedure. PHTK can clear the candidacy of Martelly's wife, fund campaigns and buy fraudulent votes for the party.

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