Laurent Lamothe souvenir picture as Prime Minister with staff

Laurent Lamothe souvenir picture as Prime Minister with staff

Here is Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe taking a souvenir picture with his staff

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, announced his resignation along with several other ministers in a commission's call within a violent environment of anti government protests demanding him to step down. Earlier to his resignation, President Martelly had said that he has accepted the commission's findings and Prime Minister Lamothe is ready to sacrifice and resign. Lamothe had been appointed as the Prime Minister by President Martellly in 2012; and he was Martelly's third nomination for prime minister. Prime Minister Lamothe's farewell speech was delayed past midnight where he said he was leaving "with a sense of accomplishment for remarkable work of government." Some critics accused him of campaigning for own presidency on the public dime. However, he has denied his candidacy. The Prime Minister bid farewell to his co-workers at La Primature and expressed his gratitude for quality collaboration offered by them.

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