Linda Dorcena Forry denounced Haitian expulsion in DR

Linda Dorcena Forry denounced Haitian expulsion in DR

Here is a picture of several Massachusetts elected officials standing against Haitian expulsion in the Dominican Republic

On June 30, 2015, Linda Dorcena Forry a Senator from Massachusetts, Senator Forry and several other political and community leaders during a press conference on the State House steps have denounced the potential mass deportations from the Dominican Republic (DR). They have expressed their disapproval in the manner that the DR's is handling the situation. They have conveyed their solidarity with this humanitarian crisis and called for tourism boycott of DR. The DR should immediately boycott this policy. Linda Dorcena has warned of worsening humanitarian crisis as the deportees will create hardship for many more in Haiti, because it is not at all equipped to handle the influx of refugees along its borders.

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