Little Haiti, officially a Neighborhood in Miami

Little Haiti, officially a Neighborhood in Miami

May 26, 2016, the day Little Haiti is officially put on the Map as a Neighborhood in Miami. With resolution sponsored by Commissioner Keon Hardamon, all the commissioners of City of Miami voted in favor of the resolution.

Little Haiti is the cultural heart for the Haitian Diaspora in the Miami neighborhood. So far there was no true definition of Little Haiti as it was very much subjective without any formal boundary-- an area broadly defined by the city as running from 38th Street to 79th Street between Interstate 95 and the Florida East Coast Railway, although the maps and official city registries use to acknowledge it to be much smaller with southern and northern borders as 54th and 82nd streets. Recently, on Thursday, May 26, 2016, , the Miami-Dade Municipal Commission unanimously voted in favor of designating 'Lemon City' as 'Little Haiti'. 'Little Haiti' will have the boundaries roughly between 54th Street and 79th Street, and Northwest Sixth Avenue and Northeast Second Avenue. The announcement came after a long sixteen years' demand and this victory was almost impossible without the effort of four former district commissioners. It was a sixteen year old argument over the idea of an official 'Little Haiti' and exactly, where its boundaries should be drawn.

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