Bill Clinton traveling in Haiti

Bill Clinton traveling in Haiti

Here is a picture of bill Clinton in Haiti holding the hand of a child as they are entering a home

Haiti holds a special place in the hearts of Bill and Hillary Clinton. When they were married in 1975, one of their friends presented a honeymoon vacation in Haiti for them and it was an eye opening journey. Once in an interview Bill Clinton said Hillary and I share the same memories, same concerns and we both love the place and always feel a special responsibility for Haiti and its people. The Clinton Foundation alone has directed $36 million to Haiti since 2010. Another $55 million has been spent through the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund. Clinton Foundation led the Haitian reconstruction effort following the devastating earthquake and vowed to help the country "build back better," so that if any disaster struck the country, it can respond in a more efficient and quicker way. In 2009, Clinton visited Haiti when places around Gonaives, were devastated by hurricane damage in 2008. Since the 2010 earthquake Clinton had visited Haiti a number of times to oversee his foundation's work and the reconstruction effort carried on by several other organizations. In May 2010, during his first joint trip with George Bush, it was noticed that George W. Bush wiped his hand on Bill Clinton's shirt after shaking hands with a crowd of Haitians.

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