Making Sham Sham

Making Sham Sham

Cham-Cham or Sham Sham, a Haitian specialty food

Haiti has a variety of food and just like its cham-cham or Sham Sham, Haitian cuisine is reputation for its ability to scintillate the palate. Corn that is at the basis of Sham Sham is consumed in Haiti in a variety of ways. We make Mais Moulu or Mayi Moulen out of it.
Peasants cultivate corn to make a variety of cereals for food and animal feeds
The delicious cornmeal drink originated with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, our Taino ancestors. In Haiti, we call it Akasan.
Haitian cuisine has its origin from several culinary styles from the various historical ethnic groups that populate the country. Its food is influenced by the French, African,the Taíno Amerindians Spanish and Middle Eastern
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