Manno Charlemagne and Konpè Filo out of commission

Manno Charlemagne and Konpè Filo out of commission

Here is the picture of Manno Charlemagne and Konpè Filo. They both find themselves out of the Presidential commission of Election evaluation

The creation of the Independent Commission on Electoral Evaluation was possible with the consensus of the two leading contending presidential candidates Jude Célestin and Jovenel Moïse. The commission can receive support and advice of national and international experts and it is empowered to define its own methodology and decide its scope and extent of investigations. It would analyze the available information concerning the ballots and proceedings of the vote tabulation centers. As per Prime Minister Evans Paul, the main goal of this Commission would be to create political stability in the country and ensure that the voting process is transparent and free from all biases.

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