Martelly and Medina meet on road transport ban

Martelly and Medina meet on road transport ban

Martelly and Medina meet on road transport ban.

Haiti´s unilateral decision of import ban of 23 Dominican products since the first week of October, 2015, could choke 88.72% of US$ 467.9 million annual trade between the two countries. As per the decision, the banned items cannot cross the land border, but they can enter by boat or plane on payment of taxes to the capital of Port-au-Prince or in the northern coastal town of Cap Haitien. The Haitian government imposed the ban despite the request of the Dominican Government that Haiti should "rethink" and they even ignored European Union's warning that price of foods and other items in Haiti could go up by 40%. The Haitian merchants had threatened that they would defy the ban unless the Finance Ministry suspends the ban till October 1, because otherwise they won't be able to meet their financial commitments. On October 13, 2015, at the request of the Haitian President Michelle Martelly, the Dominican President Danilo Medina met him in a high level meeting at the airport Maria Montez, in Barahona, Dominican Republic. The two Presidents have discussed to resolve the crisis arising out of the transport ban and have decided to form a committee within a fortnight to determine ways to solve the crisis.

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