Mary Magdalene, companion of Alexandre Petion

Mary Magdalene, companion of Alexandre Petion

Here is a picture of Mary Magdalene. She was thecompanion of Haitian President Alexandre Petion.

Alexandre Pétion was a moderate mixed-race revolutionary leader. After the death of Dessalines, Alexandre Pétion was elected as the president of southern Haiti in 1807 and reelected in 1811 and fearing a lack of political power, he turned his post into President for Life in 1816. He seized the commercial lands from rich gentry and distributed that to his supporters in small plots. However, this resulted huge loss in export revenues from the agricultural commodities and the farmers became full subsistence farmers. His outlook was influenced by the ideals of French liberalism, he believed in the importance of education in human life. Today, we can see his portrait on the Haitian 500 gourdes currency.

He joined the French army to reconquer the colony, but became one of the first Haitian officers to revolt against the French. He revolted against the rule of Jean-Jacques Dessalines who played a major role in ousting the French. Dessalines was a black nationalist ruler and

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