Mazak Dry Cleaners Inc. in Little Haiti

Mazak Dry Cleaners Inc. in Little Haiti

Mazak Dry Cleaners is the most renowned dry cleaner in Little Haiti in Miami, Florida that has been recognized by the Community. Mazak Dry Cleaners is a trusted name on whom you can rely for the utmost care of your delicate garment and environment. We offer convenient home delivery service, pick up your clothes and deliver them back to your home in perfectly pressed and ready to wear condition. We always make sure that your items are treated in the best possible way and believe that only client satisfaction can lead a business to success. To maximize your contentment we strictly work on few principles: preserving your fabric quality, proper handling of items, efficient and timely service, competitive rates and innovative offers and services.

Your old fabrics get new lives at Mazak Dry Cleaners in Little Haiti. This is done in the hands of our skilled staff because we do more than traditional laundering and cleaning. We use Hydro Carbon Solvents which are the most effect and environment friendly chemicals that can never go wrong. For white fabrics, we use highest quality detergents and equipment.

At Mazak Dry Cleaners, we also replace your damaged and missing buttons and collar supports. Our wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation services will help to ensure a long life for your treasured gown. We have some additional services other than general dry cleaning.

Mazak Dry Cleaners in Little Haiti
7800 NE 2ND AVE ,
Miami, Florida

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