Me Samuel Madistin, People's Patriotic Movement Dessalinien

Me Samuel Madistin, People's Patriotic Movement Dessalinien

Here is a picture of Me Samuel Madistin as he was running in 2015 under the banner of People's Patriotic Movement Dessalinien.

Madistin's Campaign Pledges

Presidential candidate Samuel Madistin, representing People's Patriotic Movement Dessalinien, has a platform encompassing three objectives: a secure Haiti in every respect; focus on domestic products and services; and reinvigoration of agricultural sector.

He wants to form an armed forces; improve energy infrastructure, and create 500,000 employment opportunities. Under his administration the Board of Communal Sections will govern all levels of educational institutions.

In the cultural sector he will build an Olympic Village, a scientific research center, and an Information Technology Village.

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