Meeting between Michel Martelly and CSPJ President, Anel Alexis Joseph

Meeting between Michel Martelly and CSPJ President, Anel Alexis Joseph

In an attempt to follow the recommendations of the executive committee to find a somution, President Michel Martelly is meeting with the CSPJ President, Me Anel Alexis Joseph. As you may recollect, one of the recommendations of the committee is the resignation of Me Anel Alexis Joseph as head of the CSPJ

Appointments to the Supreme Court and Permanent Electoral Council prepare Haiti for Elections

President Martelly appointed Me Anel Alexis Joseph to be the new President of the Court of Cassation that has been operating without one dating back to 2004. Martelly also appointed another judge, Jean-Louis Maecenas, to the COA, leaving four seats to be filled. The appointments have been held up because the Senate has submitted names of questionable character.

One of Joseph's first tasks was witnessing the swearing-in of nine new members of the Transient College of Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP), who are replacing nine departing members, asked to tender their resignations, according to the Consultative Commission's recommendations. This turnover of the CTCEP fulfills one of the demands of the opposition, who want a new CTCEP to organize free, fair, and democratic state and local elections. After the swearing-in, the new members from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches will travel to the CTCEP in Petion-Ville to begin the task of organizing elections quickly.

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