Michel Martelly meeting Haitian Community in Spring Valley

Michel Martelly meeting Haitian Community in Spring Valley

Here is a picture where Haitian President Michel Martelly was meeting with the Haitian Community in Spring Valley

On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015, while attending the 70th General Assembly of the United Nation in New York, President Martelly accompanying his wife Sophia Martelly met the Haitian community of Spring Valley. The President was welcomed at the City Hall of St. Joseph Church by the Mayor Demeza Delhomme. Mayor Delhomme, during his speech did not fail to mention that this has been the first visit ever by a Haitian President to this community. The President was visibly moved by the honor bestowed upon him by his compatriots of Spring Valley. The key of the city was delivered to him by the city Mayor. During his speech, Martelly had explained about his responsibility and commitment as the Head of the State, especially a few months before the end of his presidential term. He described himself as a part of the diaspora and continued to mention the expectation and responsibility of diaspora community, to and from the country. He expressed his hope that the new elected authority will work to improve and achieve progress.

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