Michel Martelly Planting Banabas in Trou-du-Nord

Michel Martelly Planting Banabas in Trou-du-Nord

Here is a picture of President Michel Martelly involved in planting a banana seed in the region of Trou-du-Nord.

Haitian Government to give $21 Million for Banana Export Project

President Martelly and Commerce and Industry Minister Laleau appeared at Trou-du-Nord commune to plant the first seedlings to inaugurate Agritrans Project (AP). Two million seedlings planted on one thousand-plus hectares will produce organic bananas for the export market.

The AP will cost $27 million and the government's first payment is for $6 million, with another $15 million to be paid later to FEPA/Agritrans consortium, developer of AP, to complete the work.

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