Morne Lopital, on the Heights of Martissant

Morne Lopital, on the Heights of Martissant

The work of watershed management in the Morne Hospital area has been completed on August 2, 2013. Even a slightest rain, especially in the slopping alluvial areas near the Morne Hospital and many other parts of Port-au-Prince, used to stall the normal lives of local people. The project has bestowed many additional benefits over its primary objective of flood management. The project under the sponsorship of Community Violence Reduction (CVR) for US$178,634 has created jobs for 1345 people at 220 workers per rotation. Further, it reduced community violence, increased concern for the environment, improved health condition and strengthens the drainage system of the city. The banks and thresholds were constructed with dry walls as a measure for allowing rainwater sip through the wall and reduce the risks of future landslide. Vetiver seeding used in the process further solidified the walls. All constructions have been banned and the area has been announced as the state-approved zone. . The area will be reforested with useful plants like bamboo, mango and avocado.

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