mural at Little Haiti Soccer Park

mural at Little Haiti Soccer Park

Here is a mural located at little haiti soccer park.

In May 2011, the Little Haiti Neighborhood Enhancement Team teamed up with a national non-profit organization, 'T.R.I.P', to help in painting one of the largest murals in the City of Miami. It was an outdoor multi-phase 24 months long project named 'MLK Community Mural Project', covering 10,000 square foot space on the five walls within the Little Haiti Soccer Park. With the heavy presence of Haitians in the South Florida community, one year after the devastating earthquake, the people of Miami decided to commemorate the lives of those who were taken in the tremor. The MLK Community Mural Project, along with 12 artists from Miami and Haiti and several other local students painted a 50,000-square-foot mural on 79th Street and Northeast Second Avenue, in the heart of Little Haiti.

Now a local organization, Pinnacle Housing, runs the space and invites artists to make the walls of Little Haiti Soccer Park their canvas. It is a $36.9 million park, which is also known as Sanon Soccer Park, named after the legendary Haitian footballer Emmanuel "Manno" Sanon. Murals are paintings or other works of art executed directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface where the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

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