National School of Plaisance

National School of Plaisance

A picture of the National School of Plaisance in Haiti during construction in 2015

The construction of National School of Plaisance is moving toward the final phase. This school in the Nord department is being constructed under funding of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Haiti under a school support program for a reconstruction of the education sector (ARSE 19). The program in the tune of the government's operational Plan for Education (2011-2015) emphasizes on the fact that every child in the country should have access to education and it is necessary as well for the benefit of the country to develop a pool of skilled labor over in the next decade. This school is one of the 19 Projects ARSE (Support Program to the Restructuring of the Education Sector in Haiti), that had been stalled for over a year period due to non-compliance of structural works with the standard.

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