new Marriott in Haiti

new Marriott in Haiti

Here is a picture of the new Marriott in Haiti

The excitement is in the potential the hotel possesses for positively propelling the country's economy skyward. The partners, the Digicel Group, the Clinton Foundation, and the Marriott Hotel chain, have combined the lure of a newly rejuvenated industry with a glamorous hotel design, and have coupled this with a conscientious business model that should put a significant amount of the profits to be realized into the accounts of not just the hotel's management, but local businesses and the mainly Haitian workforce tasked with the day to day operations of the hotel.

Taking from the disadvantaged in the country, the hotel has employed nearly 200 Haitian, some of whom are bilingual members of the diaspora. The opening gives hope to the country that has been experiencing instability, with various riots and unrest, for weeks now.

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