President Nord Alexis in 1908

President Nord Alexis in 1908

This is a picture of President Nord Alexis in 1908.

Already in his 80s when he was elected as President of the Republic, Pierre Nord Alexis had seen the fulfillment of a promising military career, before even turning his eye to politics. Born in August 1820, military service was in his blood as the son of Nord Alexis, an official with a high rank within the regime of Henri Christophe, who was also Pierre's grandfather through his illegitimate daughter, Blézine Georges. This legacy would lead him toward the call to duty early, and he joined the army as a teenager under the President, Jean Louis Pierrot.

his journey through the army, however, was not a smooth one. By 1874, he been exiled, unable to return to the country for many years until after a new President was elected.

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