New political opposition coalition

New political opposition coalition "Democratic Entente" (ED)

The new political opposition coalition "Democratic Entente" headed by Evans Paul.

Entente Democratic (ED), or Democratic Agreement, a platform has been formed by the former president Martelly's PHTK party and its allies as a general mobilization force with a single objective of overthrowing Provisional President Jocelerme Privert from power. Some of the participants of this political coalition include: the KID, the PHTK, the National Consortium of political Parties Haitians, "Repon Peyizan" of "Platfom Viktwa", the National Bloc Right Centre, MONHA. They have given reference of Article (149-1) which says the acting President may in no case, be a candidate in the next Presidential election, and as per Article 134-3, the President of the Republic may not be re-elected. He may serve an additional term only after an interval of five (5) years. Thus, Privert cannot any more continue or re-elect as the Haitian President. Evans Paul, the former prime minister, as the head of the platform has announced, continuation of Privert as the Interim President without any title or quality is against the law of the country and is a matter of a criminal offence. The three branches of government, such as, Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, should meet immediately to bring back the country onto the rail of the constitution.

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