No Place Like Home Orphanage, Clercine Port-au-Prince

No Place Like Home Orphanage, Clercine Port-au-Prince

The family that prays together stays together. They also build their lives together in faith and open an orphanage to offer shelter and love to needy children--at least this family did. Jacques and Marie Alexandre both graduated in 1988 from Arlington Baptist College. They would soon found their Baptist church and minister to nearly 900 people on a weekly basis after a humble beginning from the confines of their living room. Their conversion number grew from 31, when still just a home-run project, to now nearly 5000 conversions and baptisms from 1989 to the last count in 2010.

The couple did work in the early part of the new millennium to educate and feed nearly 100 children on the island. 2010 and the January earthquake that killed so many was a pivotal year for the couple and their ministry. Both survivors, they added more Feeding Centers and schools near Petion-Ville and in Leogane. It was during this period that they opened the orphanage in the country's capital called No Place Like Home.

Just 10 minutes away from the Port-au-Prince International Airport, the orphanage currently takes care of nearly 30 children and finds itself in need of assistance to grow its number and remain sustainable. The couple currently use funds meant for construction to keep the facility operational, and count on the kindness of sponsors to keep them running. Donating to the facility attracts no administrative fees, allowing all the money given to go towards the operational costs of running the orphanage.

Clercine 14-A Impasse, Obama # 4 - Port-au-Prince
1-800-429-3369 ext. 186

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