Non-profit Haiti Air Ambulance mission

Non-profit Haiti Air Ambulance mission

Here is a picture of Non-profit Haiti Air Ambulance service which offers an emergency air medical service to the Haitian population by providing crisis medical airlifts to emergency centers to residents living in rural areas.

HAA does not require payment from those who can't afford it; it's only concern being the victim be transported as quickly, comfortably, and safely as possible, preventing the possibility of death.

HAA's business model focuses on jobs, training, and contributing support to H

Haiti is not new to devastating events, the likes of which can leave the country crippled in the immediate aftermath, as well as on a longer term. Just four years ago, the massive earthquake gave evidence of this. This month, the country's first helicopter service for emergency medical response became operational. The feat is thanks to the non-profit organization Ayiti Air Anbilans (AAA). Days ago the AAA flew their first patient, and after a visit from First Lady Sophia Martelly, they await the auspicious visit of the Head of State, President Michel Martelly.

The risk of offering medical services in Haiti, during a time of crises and during times of relative calm include geographical obstacles, equipment and the lack of emergency response. It is widely stated that many patients need not succumb but for a failure to get them care in time. The white, blue and red helicopters of the AAA strive to ameliorate this.

The fleet is equipped with modern equipment that can render critical care and even some surgery. On it will fly a trained medical staff that can offer vital triage in a bad situation, while the helicopter routes them to any one of the 15 waiting affiliate clinics. This exemplary, much needed service will be provided to patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

This project came out of the agreement with Air Methods Corporation (AMC) announced around the third anniversary of the 2010 earthquake. The agreement stated that the AMC would give two Bell 407 helicopters (one as primary and one as backup), three pilots and two mechanics. The AAA was to provide the medical equipment and the clinical staff.

Contact: 509 3166-8197 / (559) 475-8515

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