North Miami School Principal Jean Coty Ridore Arrested

North Miami School Principal Jean Coty Ridore Arrested

Here is a picture of Haitian-American Jean Coty Ridore who was the School Principal at North Miami Adult Education Program. He was arrested for corruption

Jean Coty Ridore (38), the principal of North Miami Adult Education Center has been arrested on Monday, October 5th, on multiple felony charges, such as accepting unlawful compensation, official misconduct and grand theft. Multiple law enforcement agencies are investing his conduct after receiving anonymous complaints about his hiring and employment practices. Ridore used to pay employees who did not show up to work and some employees used to receive higher than their real wage so that Ridore can collect his kick back from them; some even lost their jobs who earned the ire of Ridore. On Monday he was arrested on complaints that he took $1,000 in cash to hire a no-show employee and then arranged for illegal kickbacks from the man. North Miami has suspended this year's (2015-16) grant funding of about $100,000 to the school. Ridore with salary around $110,000 had been with the school since July 2005; he was in charge of more than 400 employees.

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