Over 56,000 Haitian Students Attending School In Dominican Republic

Over 56,000 Haitian Students Attending School In Dominican Republic

Haitian children attending school in Dominican Republic

Since 2010, the number of foreign students in Dominican pre-universities and universities whether it is private, semi-public or public, has been increased significantly and the majority of them are Haitians. At the pre-university level, out of the total 67,000 students, 44,000 (65.7%) students are Haitian and more than 12,000 Haitian students are presently studying in Dominican Universities. The statistics as per 2013 Planning Department of the Ministry of Education Dominican, on the number of Haitian students studying at Pre-university schools reveal that: in public school 37,567, private schools 6,148, and semi-official 595. The percentage of foreign students from 25 countries in the DR is 34.3% and its leading contributors are: United States (12,519), Spain (1,753), Puerto Rico (1,468) and that is followed by other countries like Venezuela, Italy, Cuba, Panama, Germany, China, Peru, Denmark, Russia, Brazil and 560 students come from other countries for a grand total of 67.423 foreign students (pre-university sector).

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