Picture of Liliane Pierre-Paul, Anthony Barbier,  Marvel Dandin

Picture of Liliane Pierre-Paul, Anthony Barbier, Marvel Dandin

Here is a picture of Liliane Pierre-Paul, husband Anthony Barbier and Marvel Dandin.

The sheer determination and commitment of Liliane Pierre-Paul as a journalist has made her the most outspoken critic of the government since the final days of the Duvalier regime. Her bold reporting curtailed the Pierre-Paul's movement, she was imprisoned for her views on governments, faced numerous death threats and she was on several hit lists. Liliane was even forced to move on a six-year exile in Venezuela and Curacao-- but she never chose to remain silent. Her devotion helped her to win the 'Courage Journalism Award' in 1990. On February 18, 2016, Anthony Barbier has been installed as the Secretary General of the National Palace, replacing Jean Renel Sanon. M Barber holds a Masters in Sociology of development and a PhD in Education. He has held many important government portfolios, such as Chief of Staff of the Minister of Education (1990-1991), Minister of Administration and the Civil Service (1994-1995), Deputy Coordinator of the National Commission for Administrative Reform (CNRA) in the Government of Haiti (1996-2001), Consultant to the Ministry of Culture and Communication (1998-2001), and Member of Cabinet of the Minister of Public Health (2007-2008). Marvel Dandin is a revered journalist, expert political analyst and the Director General and co-owner of the Radio TV Kiskeya. He developed his skills as a reporter under Michele Montas who is one of the most celebrated radio journalists of our time and a leading UN spokesperson.

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