President Jocelerme Privert President Danilo Medina

President Jocelerme Privert President Danilo Medina

Here is President Jocelerme Privert with Dominican President Danilo Medina.

During the last 7th ACS (Association of Caribbean States) Summit in Havana on June 4, 2016, when Danilo Medina, the Dominican president met President Jocelerme Privert, Medina greeted Privert with a direct question: "When will be elections in Haiti?" Privert replied very quickly, "According to all available information, it has been scheduled for October 9, 2016." Then Privert conveyed his warmest congratulations to the Dominican President Medina for his second time victory under banner of "Partido de la Liberación Dominicana" with 61.61% votes against his main rival Luis Abinader, of the "Partido Revolucionario Moderno" (PRM) party who obtained 35.22% of the votes. Election in Haiti is equally important to the Dominican Republic, because the two countries have many outstanding issues to settle. Privert, as an interim president representing an interim government with little political support, has very limited ability to solve these issues. He was appointed for a very short tenure (120 days) and not to remain in power. In October 2015 during Martelly regime, Haiti unilaterally banned import of 23 Dominican products which choked 88.72% of US$ 467.9 million annual trade between the two countries. As per the decision taken, the banned items cannot cross the land border, but they can enter by boat or plane on payment of taxes to the capital of Port-au-Prince or in the northern coastal town of Cap Haitien. The upcoming October 9 election will start from a scratch. There will be many new candidates, new agreements, new alliances, and different coalitions. Two former allies might become two opponents-- former Presidents Rene Preval and Jean-Bertrand Aristide. However, for us, one thing is important. Privert is thinking for the handover of power.

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