President Stenio Vencent

President Stenio Vencent

Here is a picture of Haitian President Stenio Vencent.

Stenio Vincent Cover Up of 1937 Parsley Massacre.

Stenio Vincent was granted an extension of his term in office to 1941. During the last three years of his presidency Vincent's popularity began to wane. The Parsley Massacre, instigated by Dominican Republic (DR) soldiers, took the lives of thousands of Haitian workers near the DR border. Vincent tried to keep a lid on the carnage because of his relationship with DR President Trujillo, who gave Haitian foreign aid. In two years Port-au-Prince boiled over with demonstrations against Vincent's tepid response to DR atrocities.

By the time elections rolled around in 1941 two coups against Vincent had been attempted. Finally, Vincent seeing he had lost influence with politicians and the people, agreed to leave office. Elie Lescot succeeded him.

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