Prime Minister Nominee Fritz Jean hunting for votes

Prime Minister Nominee Fritz Jean hunting for votes

Here is a picture of Prime Minister Nominee Fritz.

Prime Minister Nominee Fritz Jean now has to legalize his appointment by securing a vote of confidence in the Parliament by securing 16 votes in the Senate and 60 votes in the Lower House. The task looks difficult, because there is no political group in both houses with absolute majority that can make him through. Currently, the Senate is composed of two groups. The majority opposition (G15) on his side has 15 Senators, including the President of the Upper House of whom the President may not vote. Thus, he has to convince two Senators from the minority group (G9) to cast vote in his favor. The Lower House is again composed of three major political groups such as, 48 Deputies from Parliamentary Alliance for Haiti" (APH) or G48; 33 Deputies from the "Parliamentary Group at the Listening of the People"; and 11 independent deputies from the" Group of independent deputies" (GPI). If Fritz wants to get 60 votes, he has to convince some of his hardcore opponents from G 48.

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