Protest against Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Protest against Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Here is a picture of a protest during the government of Jean Bertrand Aristide

The Group of 184 was led by two of the country's most reviled multimillionaires. (1) Andy Apaid, Jr., a U.S. citizen and the owner of Haiti's largest sweatshops, and (2) Reginald Boulos, owner of a Haitian pharmaceutical firm whose products had killed dozens of poor Haitians. They both had good links with the influential media (ANMH). The G184, dominated by Haitian elites, was often criticized for two main reasons: (i) while selecting members from different sectors of civil society, the selection was dominated by the representation with one special interests, i.e., private sector business associations; and (ii) A vast array of other important civil society organizations were being ignored. Their experience, expertise and advice were not sought and utilized. Once G184 became synonymous to the Haitian proverb."Bourik travay, chwal galonnen" (the donkey does the work, the horse gets the profit).

Once it was alleged that, ten of its members (anti-Aristide) representing business communities who mainly control G184 and its projects, received a funding of $23 million from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to promote and encourage their businesses and Haiti's anti-Aristide movement.

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