Protester in Fort Liberte demanding industrial park Caracol  electricity

Protester in Fort Liberte demanding industrial park Caracol electricity

There has been a Protester in Fort Liberte where the population is demanding to be connected industrial park Caracol electricity source

Surge in Violent Uprisings as Year Ends

Reports emanating from Port-au-Prince said an investigation by officials regarding a violent street demonstration near the Dominican Republic border claimed Haitian police officers went on a shooting rampage, injuring 13 people. This confirmation came from Northeast Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime.

In another incident, Fort Liberté demonstrators demanded they be provided with electrical service from the Caracol power plant at the industrial park close by.

A third incident in a Port-au-Prince neighborhood found three protestors shot by pro-government protestors.

A bloody demonstration scene in Fort Liberte on Thursday, November 28 left 13 people injured by, as yet, unknown elements. Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime, a politician in the opposition party, would have the nation know that the injuries were as a result of the police, while attempting to clear the blocked main road, firing on the protesters, while the spokesman for the National Police, Frantz Lerebours, remains cautious about disclosing what happened and how many people were wounded without more information.

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